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"To build a fire" Is anyone there who knows how to answer my lecturer’s questions on it ? Would be your big fan if you help!!!!!!!

1. Why is the protagonist presented as “the man?”

2. What’s is the weather like at daybreak at the beginning of the story? Why is it important?

3. The author writes that the man is quick and alert in the things of life but only in those. What do we learn about the character?

4. What are the similarities between the man and the dog?

5. Why isn’t the man afraid of the frostbite and what is absurd about his frostbite reaction?

6. Why does the author emphasize about the cold and the man’s reaction to the cold?

7. Why does the main character shy away from certain parts of the road?

8. What opinion do you have about the man sending the dog ahead to aid in his safety and what would you have done?

9. Why does the author insinuate that the dog acts from instinct?

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3 Answers
updated 1 year ago

I'll try to help you..

1. It represents all the people. The reader therefore does not have to identify with one nameless character.

2. It is dark owing to the absence of the sun despite it being daybreak when the sun is supposed to be out. Such a scenario usually portends negative day for the character in question.

3. The man suffers from over confidence in the things that he does and doesn’t pay much detail to learning. He is rash and doesn’t take his time to learn and implement new ideas.

4. The two are similar as they find themselves in the same desperate situation. The dog is however more aware of the situation due to its survival instinct and skills hence can survive while the man drowns.

5. He is more concerned about the cold than the frostbite as he has been out in two snaps before. It is absurd because the man is ignoring the more immediate danger that he is in.

6. In order to put across the point, the man continues to ignore the critical danger signs of nature.

7. He knows that the ice is thin in these areas hence he can easily fall.

8. I agree with the actions of the man hence would do the same thing. The dog is more adapted to the weather than the man hence has a higher chance of surviving.

9. To show that it is a natural being that knows how to fend for its own needs and knows when and how to act as per the situation.

updated 1 year ago

To all who answered those first 9 questions of “To build a fire” many thanks!!! Now, will it be too brazen to ask you help me one more time? Imagine there’s 2 part of them.

1. What startles the man while he is eating and what is its significance?

2. How does the man’s outlook of the situation change after he stops eating?

3. When the main character falls in the river, he curses his bad luck. Do you agree with where he apportions his blame?

4. What do you think about the man’s mentality and beliefs when he talks about “old-timers” and “men who are men”?

5. What happens to the fire?

6. What happens when the man lights all of his matches at once?

7. When the man thinks of “using the dog for survival”, how does the author emphasize the qualities of naturalism?

8. What is wrong with the plan to run to camp?

9. Why does the man start to scold the dog?

updated 1 year ago

Hmm. Well

1. He is surprised at how quickly his fingers are freezing thus indicating that he is more susceptible to the cold than he thinks.

2. He is frightened as he realizes that he has underestimated its severity.

3. I defer with the man as he is the only person present and it wasn’t predestined that the fall must occur hence blame luck, or its absence, for the action.

4. The man believes that the present generation has grown soft from the previous ones, as men have adopted roles that were traditionally designed for women. The man is reflective.

5. It has the misfortune of snow falling on it hence putting it out.

6. In his haste he lights his hands on fire and burning himself in the process.

7. The dog can sense that all is not well and knows how and when to escape. The man on the other hand lacks the natural instincts that the dog has.

8. He does not enough energy for such a venture due to the torture he has had to endure in the cold.

9. He is overcome with jealousy for the dog as it is warmer and has more endurance than its master.

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