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What is the conclusion of the essay?

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conclusion of an essay is a closing part of the essay, which restates the main idea, ties up central points of essay together and provides a reader with a solid understanding of your standpoint. A solid conclusion of the essay usually answers a “So what?” question.
How to write the conclusion of an essay?
(1) Restate the importance of the topic
(2) Restate the thesis you’ve written in the introduction
(3) Remind your supporting arguments shortly or address opposing standpoints 
(4) Predict future research options or call to a particular action
The main thing about winning a good conclusion to the essay is leaving your reader with a strong understanding of your standpoint and winning him to join your side in the argument about the discussed issue. Any essay, due to its specifics, either teaches or provides information or convinces readers to take a particular standpoint. In your conclusion you have to heat up your reader, bring your essay to its culmination and leave your reader at a point where he either starts seriously considering the issue or takes a particular side in the dispute (preferably the one you fought for).
This is the basic theory on how to write a conclusion to your essay. Even though it might seem pretty clear, it is always good to have several examples of a successfully written text in front of your eyes. Thus, the conclusion of essay examples can of great help, when you write. Check out any sample under your topic on our website, as our quality team strives to choose only best texts to publish.
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