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updated 9 months ago

Can you please write a long paper on the modularity of mind with standard citations?

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1 Answer
updated 10 months ago

If you are looking for the Custom Writing option, then StudentShare has a separate section for it. There you can order a paper, define a deadline and other important instructions, like the requirement of standard citations and the exact number of pages (words) you need your paper to be. It also offers a free revision of the essay. This is an option if you are completely out of time and ideas to complete your own research and assignment. Here is the link with all the necessary information about it and with the active order form: https://order.studentshare.org/

Another option you can use is to go through the examples presented in Studentshare’s database. Those are papers written by other students on the exact the same topic, or close to it. Slightly related papers can make your research deeper, so you will not need to look for additional ideas to make your paper longer, and thus looking rough and not serious.

If you visit the main page of StudentShare.org, you can enter your topic “The modularity of mind, ” and you will get the immediate result of some relevant papers. Just remember they belong to other students and they cannot be used as of your own without the rewrite and proofread. I have found two papers, that might be interesting for you (and the most relevant as for me). So here they are with the active web links:

Modularity of Mind

Modularity and Its Stance Today in Cognitive Psychology

Usually, the essay download is available when you have bought a subscription for the unlimited access, but as I know, they also have a lot of samples open for free usage. So if you want them for free, you probably would need to dig a lot :)

Still, the custom writing option is always a way out. Especially when you have no time to complete your assignment by yourself. Just note, that you will have to pay a fee for it. But it would be a one-time payment, so might be more convenient for you. You decide.

Good luck with all your beginnings!

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