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What are some of the approaches to outcome-based practice?

please come up with the list of approaches to outcome-based practice

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Outcome-based practice is a process which offers many advantages for the life of individuals. Usually, it arrives in the shape of service, but it can be an action token as well. The main idea is to put personal needs and desires in the first place instead of focusing on the organizational or team’s goals. The output of such practice is always effort-made while the result is the impact on a person. Outcome-based practice is of rising significance in health care and social support services. The process makes sure that the service is focused on the individual and makes it possible for the personnel to provide the treatment of the highest quality.

In other words, the practice is all about placing the consumer of any health care/social service at the top of any ‘Pyramid of Needs.’ The staff does its best to guarantee top-quality meaningful results to every person making sure these people obtain a fulfilling, exciting life. It’s about opening new potential. Organizations involved in these fields involve outcome-based practice to empower their workers to pay attention to and encourage consumers to participate actively in the promotion of their treatment, support, and care. The goal is to motivate them to challenge personal knowledge, skills and opportunities as well as make informed choices, corresponding decisions and set S.M.A.R.T goals to obtain positive results.

The approaches to the outcome-based practice include person-centered planning, needs-led approach, evidence-based practice and some others. Nursing evidence-based practice is the top recommended one.

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If we would consider this question from the perspective of medical and social care practice, then we will find out that the outcome-based methods cover the review of care plans for staff, via their supervision and evaluation.They are examined regarding what was done, learned and improved in the areas over several previous weeks, months or years. The vital part of a review includes the feedback from tenants, their families, and staff itself. Every conflict situation has to be resolved via group work and discussion. The quality assurance manager inspects the information and affirms the high standards. A manager writes reports and the feedback should be transferred to a team in a clear form.

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