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updated 9 months ago

What are the different approaches to support an individual to make informed choices?

please list various approaches to support an individual when making informed choices

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updated 10 months ago

Social workers function as the loyal support of the service users when it comes to such activities as decision-making. The main role of a support worker is to deliver information to the service consumers regarding specific choices which have to be made. Such information may contain different issues to cover:

  • The essence of the project
  • The type of actions to be taken to achieve the goal
  • The overall conditions and ethos of the work
  • The number of potential visitors and participators
  • The description and forecast of transport arrangements

The informed choices include the following factors:

  • Accommodation
  • Expenses and potential revenues
  • Health care & treatment
  • Support plans
  • Different types of activities
  • Extra aids
  • Adaptation techniques
  • Relationships
  • Training and coaching
  • Education

Each person has a right to make informed choices regarding any life aspects or life situations. Sometimes, it’s not that easy to make such a decision all alone. This is when a professional help is highly needed. So it is a perfect time for social workers to step in with their unique approaches.

The most common approach to cover is a popular person-centered approach. As it can be seen from its name, it’s the method focused more on meeting individual goals rather than a team or organizational objectives. This approach requires taking personal skills, desires, and knowledge into account. Two people may suffer from the same disorder (e.g. Diabetes), but the treatment and other nuances might be completely different.

Also, such kind of approaches includes different types of discussions with an individual having a possibility to question anything, that affects their lives and how to deal with it. We should not forget to mention the information guidance provided by relatives, friends, supporting organizations, advocates and other authoritative people, structures and organizations. They are all obliged to provide a person with the relevant information upon request or in the case of the obvious need.

It is far not the full list of approaches to support an individual to make informed choices. You can find more great ideas and detailed answers in the excellent samples below:




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