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updated 9 months ago

Can u help me to write essays on "Is drug abuse a social problem" pls?

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1 Answer
updated 10 months ago

If you are looking for the Custom Writing option, then StudentShare has a separate section for it. There you can order a paper, define a deadline and other important instructions. It also offers a free revision of the paper. This is an option if you are completely out of time and ideas to complete your own research and assignment. Here is the link with all the necessary information about it and with the active order form: https://order.studentshare.org/

But, if you are in a search for ideas how to complete your essay by yourself, and are willing to work on it by yourself, you can look at StudentShare free papers examples to find ideas. Or use Student Bot (it is a toll-free tool inbuilt in Facebook Messenger). It can help you find documents examples you would like. It is pretty easy to use, and what is the best, you don’t need to look for additional options or ways to save your search results. They will stay in your inbox, available at any time.


For example, you can examine those papers related to your topic (Student Bot has found them in like 15 seconds)

They were written and uploaded by other students, so be careful not to present them as your own. Still, they have pretty original ideas and research inside; I hope you will like it.


Also, there is a slight chance you don’t know how to organize your thoughts properly. Well, in this case, I can suggest you visit Blog section. There are a lot of articles on how to write particular types of essays, like argumentative, persuasive, etc. Also there you can find useful information on how to organize the writing process, where to look for inspiration, how to make essay longer (if needed) and not get stuck in the first sentence. We all have had this issue at least once.

As for me, it is a good start. I hope I covered everything you wanted to know in my answer. If not, try to explain your need a bit more precisely.

Good luck in your studies!

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