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What is the setting in “A rose for Emily?”

How does the main character develop through the narrative? Was that Emily crazy or what?

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The story is set in a creepy old house in Jefferson in the Mississippi county of Yoknapatawpha in post-civil war United States of America. It is approximated that the time setting is between 1861 and 1933. The county is fictional and has been patented by the author and is occupied by several families including the Grierson family. Emily is the only surviving Grierson. The story is set at a time when the practice of slavery has just been abolished and the people who were so used to being served by slaves are left to fend for themselves. This produces a pot of comical and sad affairs, as most do not know how to survive without their slaves. The town had previously been the talk of the county but has now been encroached and run down. Emily resembles the old ways in which the white elitists ruled over the people. She is now left alone and lonely except for the company of her servant.

Her actions vary from absurd to eccentric which help the reader better understand the story. She becomes a recluse after the death of her father and becomes estranged from the Yankee; Homer Barron. She poisoned Barron and kept his dead body in his house and even slept next to it. To her all is normal as she is only doing what the society is expecting of the southern women; she refuses to change with the times. The setting of the story helps the reader better understand the actions and reactions, and mentality of the town’s people.

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