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updated 9 months ago

identify occasions where the public have raised concerns regarding issues within the sector

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updated 1 year ago

Public concerns are usually raised on the issues of a really high priority. The very first thing that worries people is the question about children. How they are treated, whether they are abused or not, their mental health and so on. Thus, such issues, as child pornography, child neglect or child abuse usually, when found out, are raising a big public concern.

I am aware of 2 major situations that raised public concern within the sector of the nursery.

First is the issue with Vanessa George. She had to take care of babies and toddlers, but she was caught on abuse of them. The staff, working with her side by side, did not pay attention to her very open sexual behavior, for was afraid to be labeled puritanical. Vanessa has got seven accusations for the offenses against children.

Another issue was the employment of Paul Wilson, who claimed to have a nursery degree and being fully qualified. Still, Criminal Record Bureau had to check it, for afterward, it appeared that he never managed to finish his studying. It also turned out, that his student colleagues mentioned his 'special attitude' to toddlers, the most vulnerable children, and they have told it their tutor. Paul seemed to take children to the adult toilet and sat them on his laps.

These concerns, when appeared, were immediately transferred to Children's Social Care for an investigation, but no action was taken. The Government inspectors did also receive anonymous complaints and were supposed to begin a thorough investigation. Even though they have started the research, they did not ever speak to Paul. Paul himself also did raise some concerns to Ofsted, but that was an action to draw their attention away from himself. As far as I know, he is under arrest now.

So, those are only two examples of child abuse. If you go search online, I bet you'll find plenty of stories and investigations. Here is something useful: https://studentshare.org/essays/Child-abuse

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