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updated 9 months ago

explain the importance of safeguarding children and young people

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updated 10 months ago

This question seems a bit vague without clarification of what we understand by safeguarding. According to the definition given by the Care Quality Commission (health and social care organization based in England), safeguarding is a set of measures taken for providing a health, well-being and human rights protection for the people who are in the most vulnerable position. Foremost, this is about children and young people. So your is question primary about the ethical basis or reasons for safeguarding or would you rather learn more precisely about the mechanisms of its providing? Anyway, I’ll add a couple of words about what such guarding presupposes.

There are three groups of factors that cause a violation of human rights and well-being, including harm, abuse, and neglect.

There are two main goals pursued by children safeguard programs:

  • To protect children from unhealthy environment and things that can be bad for their physical and mental health
  • To provide them with an effective and safe social care

Who provides such service? There are multiple elements that all serve the aforementioned two goals. Parents, schools, social care services, police, health agencies, special government departments.

Why is it all so important?

The thing is children cannot protect themselves from harm, abuse, and neglect. Millions of children all over the world become victims of domestic violence and most of these children not only cannot protect themselves but don’t know whom they can tell about what is going on. The awareness of the protective services is very low among the kids. Especially in the developing and the least developed countries. A vast amount of children and teenagers suffer from bullying and emotional abuse in a school. On every level of a child’s life, he/she can be put in danger by the closest people or educational agency. In other words, without safeguarding system children are completely defenseless.

In general, it’s like wondering about an importance of the judicial system or police as such. The very name of safeguarding speaks for itself. We need it to keep our children safe.

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