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Qualitative Standard Requirements of the Deliverables - Essay Example

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In the research paper “Qualitative Standard Requirements of the Deliverables,” the author extends the idea to his colleagues on the qualitative standard requirements of the deliverables while working in RRA, which was a real challenging interaction…
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Qualitative Standard Requirements of the Deliverables
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Extract of sample "Qualitative Standard Requirements of the Deliverables"

Download file to see previous pages As these candidates didn’t suit the cause, they were rejected and resultantly we lost our customer.
Though I insisted on further research in the welding industry and market to find the ideal candidate, my colleagues tried only to increase the number of candidates. As these candidates didn’t suit the cause, they were rejected and resultantly we lost our customer. Though I insisted on further research in the welding industry and market to find the ideal candidate, my colleagues tried only to increase the number of candidates. As these candidates didn’t suit the cause, they were rejected and resultantly we lost our customer. An extensive research on the whole system revealed that the staff in RRA lacked professionalism as they were all recruited through internal reference. Moreover, recruitment had not been included in RRA’s development strategies. I further interacted with the management on the need of staff with rich consultancy background and experience in the headhunting industry which would in turn demand a reform in the recruitment process. However, my suggestions proved to be much challenging as it was questioned by my colleagues. Moreover, the RRA leader didn't believe that the qualified staff would like to work for RRA. To add to the challenge, the Research Manager was insistent to stick on with the conventional system as he was earning good in the form of referral fees.  Despite these challenges, my communication skills and the integrity of my idea could convince the leaders. This helped me to introduce project-based mode for our internal recruitment, which aimed to inspire the staff with a bonus instead of with referral fee. However, I had to recommit myself at times to insist on my principle and focus on recruiting qualified staff for RRA, as the preachers of the old system kept pressuring me with numerous internal referrals. Finally, four qualified headhunters were recruited, which accumulated strength for RRA's long-term development. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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