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For the group Motility assay: After incubation for 24h at 37oC the mean value is 2.23, for the group Motility assay: After incubation for 48h at 37oC the mean value is 3.54 and for the group Motility assay for control organism, the mean value is 3.30. The group Motility assay:…
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Download file to see previous pages The group Motility assay for control has the highest SD value with 0.71 and the group Motility assay: After incubation for 48h at 37oC has the lowest SD value with 0.37.
From the above ANOVA table, it is found that the F value of 16.038 is highly significant (with probability 0.000). Hence it is concluded that the means of the three assay groups differ significantly. The individual comparison is given in the following table.
The mean difference between the groups Motility assay: After incubation for 48h at 37oC and the group Motility assay for control organism is not significant. Hence the groups Motility assay: After incubation for 48h at 37oC and the group Motility assay for control do not differ significantly. But the group Motility assay: After incubation for 24h at 37oC is having significant difference in mean with both the groups Motility assay: After incubation for 48h at 37oC and Motility assay for control organism. Hence among all groups, the group Motility assay: After incubation for 48h at 37oC has the highest ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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STATISTICAL COURSEWORK Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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