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Run the appropriate ANOVA, you must copy and paste the relevant tables from the SPSS output file - Assignment Example

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This is because the factor meet the definition of within factor variable in which participants are exposed to multiple levels. Same participants, and both experienced and inexperienced body piercers are exposed to measurement…
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Run the appropriate ANOVA, you must copy and paste the relevant tables from the SPSS output file
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Download file to see previous pages Experience assigns participants to those with experience and those without experience. A participants cannot be in both groups.
Piercing skills is the dependent variable. Dependent variable is that variable whose value is influenced by one or more other variables and piercing skill is expected to vary with experience and consumption of four bottles of tequila.
Transform the variable ‘experience’ into a new variable ‘expgroups’ with low experience being a score of 40-69 and high experience being a score of 70-100. Give ‘expgroups’ the value labels ‘1 = low’ and ‘2 = high’. (4 points)
The means for the high group are 22.08 before taking tequila and 31.25 after taking tequila and the standard deviations are 14.37 before taking the amount of tequila and 11.185 after taking the tequila.
Room color is the independent variable. Independent variable is a variable whose value is fixed at particular point to dictate the value of another variable. In the study, room color meets the definition of an independent variable because its value is fixed at three different colors to determine participants’ moods.
This is a repeated measures ANOVA and treatment of the participants demonstrate this. Repeated measures towards repeated measures ANOVA exists if all of the research participants are exposed to all conditions in a study and the exposure occurs in turns. This is the case as the participants are each exposed to the room colors before their mood is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Run the Appropriate ANOVA, You Must Copy and Paste the Relevant Tables Assignment.
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