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The assignment "Choosing and Using Statistics" presents the graph of the points. Using excel, the following graph is obtained for the points. Similarly, regression features of excel can be used to determine the slope and the y-intercept. Linear regression yields the following equation…
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Choosing and Using Statistics
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This is an indicator that the points have a linear trend. The slope of the graph, 0.39, means that for every unit increase in performance in calculus, a student will attain a corresponding improvement of 0.39 in statistics. The y-intercept means that the minimum statistics marks that an acalculous student can score are 47.317.
Multiple R, defined as the coefficient of correlation is an indicator of the strength of the relationship between marks of the two subjects while R squared measures the proportion of the data that is explained by the model (Dytham, n.p.).
The distribution is skewed. This is because of the results obtained from descriptive statistics. The value corresponding to skewness is 0.131, as obtained from excel. This means that the values are slightly skewed to the right (Dytham, n.p.). Read More
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