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Fictitious Statistical Study Name Institution Abstract This study was aimed at establishing the drinking habits of residents of Kinsley town. The target population was adult consumers of alcoholic drinks in Kinsley. It used a sample of 120 adults who were randomly picked…
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Fictitious Statistical Study
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Download file to see previous pages To answer the key research question, the mean monthly spending was calculated which was found to be $348 per month. This value was used to reject the null hypothesis using t-test. Statement of the problem Kinsley is a small town located in the southern part of Cuba in the province of Nova. According to 2007 census, the town has an estimated population of 700,480 people of all races, cultures, religion, ethnic and socio-economic background. The adults form 59% of the entire population translating to 413,283 individuals. This town is faced by numerous social problems like high crime rate, poor sanitation and health standard, poor housing and drug abuse. Despite, the fact that the area has booming business activities the returns not translated into increased standard of living. Meaning, significant amount of residents earning is spent on activities that do not promote conditions of living. One such activity is consumption of alcoholic beverages. This view is shared by National Anti-Drug Campaign Committee which estimates that 22% of adult population in Kinsley consumes alcohol. This problem is further compounded by the fact that there is no legislation governing sale and consumption of alcoholic products in Cuba. ...
This ignored individuals who are below 18 years and are consumers of these products. Considering that this category of consumers constitutes a significant percentage of entire population, an error was introduced into the study. The study assumed a 100% adherence to legal drinking age regulation. However, the situation on the grounds points to slight deviation from this rule. Alcoholism is considered evil by many religious organizations. Many consumers were not willing to admit their alcoholic habits for fear of being rejected or labeled by society. This affected the data collection process because the study assumed that honest answers were to be given to questions asked. As a result, the data recorded may contain errors associated with wrong or non disclosure of information. Given that some of the information sought was quite confidential such as individual income, there is a possibility that the respondent may lied to conceal or elevate their status. However, there were various strategies put in place to minimize such errors. One method used was careful design of questionnaire to ensure that answers were found through indirect questions. For instance, the spending on education would reveal ones economic status. Again, there was big attempt to interview those in good state of mind. However, the interviewer had no medical capacity to establish the level of sobriety. Literature review The consumption of alcoholic beverages has been increasing world over. In Scandinavian countries, the rates are quoted to be above 10%. For instance, the rate of alcoholic consumption in Ireland was increasing at 17% in 1995. Globally, it estimated that about one quarter of world population, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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