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The Fan Culture of Both Football and Rugby Sevens - Case Study Example

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The paper 'The Fan Culture of Both Football and Rugby Sevens' presents 1000 different types of sports in the world. The Olympic committee has recognized 442 types of sports so far. This number is expected to rise as time goes by. Many of these sports have a huge number of fans…
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The Fan Culture of Both Football and Rugby Sevens
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Extract of sample "The Fan Culture of Both Football and Rugby Sevens"

Download file to see previous pages Football is one of the sports in the world with the largest fan base. It is a tribal sport and fans are usually passionate about their teams. This is particularly due to the fact that the sport has been with us since time immemorial. Rugby sevens are a sport that has recently come of age. The fans of the sport are growing day by day. This paper will look to compare the fan culture of both football and rugby sevens.
England is the home of a football fan culture. It has the richest and some would say the most glamorous league in the world. I will, therefore, look at the fan culture in England. There is a broad range of supporters of football. England fans have great respect for sportsmanship. They are usually very concerned with what is happening on the pitch. They can at times applaud the players from the opposing team (King).
English fans also love to travel to watch away matches. Research has shown that even second division football clubs have a handful of away supporters. Traveling fans are always attending games regardless of whether the match will be during the week or during the weekend.
Whenever their team is leading the fans will sing their hearts out, however, the fans will not cheer if their team is losing and their stands will be quiet. Some of the chants are real songs with lyrics and content. Die-hard fans have special areas in the stadium where they sit and usually purchase season tickets (Guilianotti).
There is no football club that can be said to have the “best” supporters. The likes of Manchester United, Arsenal, Manchester City, Blackburn, Chelsea and Crystal Place all have a strong fan base. It is interesting to note that premier league teams have an average attendance of 90% to 100% stadium capacity during match days. Chanting mostly depends on how the teams are faring on the pitch. Clubs with a lot of blue-collar fans have the noisiest supporters e.g. West Ham United (Nash).
Some fans and clubs share intense rivalries particularly football clubs that are from the same town. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Fan Culture of Both Football and Rugby Sevens Case Study, n.d.)
The Fan Culture of Both Football and Rugby Sevens Case Study.
(The Fan Culture of Both Football and Rugby Sevens Case Study)
The Fan Culture of Both Football and Rugby Sevens Case Study.
“The Fan Culture of Both Football and Rugby Sevens Case Study”.
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