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Kinematic Performance of an Olympic Event - Research Paper Example

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The purpose of the "Kinematic Performance of an Olympic Event" paper is to investigate both the kinematical performance of sprint running at the Olympic Games and the kinetics, in relation to Newton’s Laws of Motion, and to identify the biomechanics of the whole action…
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Kinematic Performance of an Olympic Event
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Extract of sample "Kinematic Performance of an Olympic Event"

Download file to see previous pages Running events are the oldest in Olympics history. Besides long-distance marathons, one of the categories in the Olympics is a sprint running, which include distances of 100 metres, 200 metres, 400 metres, and 800 metres, as well as relay races that require sprinting at the highest speeds possible.

Physical analysis of the runner’s actions is vital for improving performance and to identify the appropriate biomechanics to prevent sports injuries. According to Arampatzis et al (1999), kinematics relates to the dynamics of the motion: the distance moved, the stride length, the speed, the consistency, and the acceleration. The biomechanics of the action pertaining to the foot position, the leg flexion, the angle of the body and various other factors that constitute the running/ sprinting gait of the athlete. On the other hand, kinetics relate to the forces that cause movement according to Newton’s Law and the forces that act on the runner’s body, such as friction, power, impulse, and torque.

Newton’s First Law of Motion states all objects have the inherent property to resist a change in their state of motion. An increase in the mass creates inertia and a decrease in the speed of the body. Newton’s first law forms the foundation for the inertia principle in biomechanics. Newton’s Second Law of Motion is considered to be the most important law of motion because it describes how the forces that create motion (kinetics) are associated with motion (kinematics) (Knudson 2003).

The second law is known as the law of momentum or the law of acceleration. Newton’s Second Law states that the rate of change of momentum of an object, that is the acceleration is proportional to the force causing it and takes place in the direction in which the force acts. That is, acceleration = mass x velocity (mv). Increasing the mass creates inertia, hence athletes lighter in weight are believed to be capable of greater speeds. Thus, increasing force or decreasing mass are both important for increasing the speed of the body (Knudson 2003).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Kinematic Performance of an Olympic Event Research Paper.
(Kinematic Performance of an Olympic Event Research Paper)
Kinematic Performance of an Olympic Event Research Paper.
“Kinematic Performance of an Olympic Event Research Paper”.
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