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The paper "Home Arena of the Baseball Club New York Yankees" states that the building of the Yankee Stadium is built in a shape of a huge triangle with rounded external angles which makes the Stadium look more futuristic and when you see it you really feel like if you peeped in future…
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Home Arena of the Baseball Club New York Yankees
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Yankee Stadium is located in the South Bronx (New York). It is a home arena of the Baseball club "New York Yankees". As it is said on the New York Yankees website: “the stadium was opened in 2009 and replaced the previous one”. The stadium is one of the greatest sports complexes in New York. Different people describe their feelings concerning this stadium differently, but most of them are startled by it. The building of the Yankee Stadium is built in a shape of a huge triangle with rounded external angles which makes the Stadium look more futuristic and when you see it you really feel like if you peeped into the world of future. For the building's cladding the high quality limestone from Indiana was used, on this background the gold letters of the stadium's name complement the building's style. White friezes, installed along the roof over the stands and there friezes, are the characteristic feature and a kind of "calling card" of the Yankee Stadium. These huge lush golden letters and bright white friezes fill you with respect to this fascinating building and its creators. When you enter the stadium you feel like a tiny creature inside the gigantic mechanism that never stops working. You see the huge playground and the comfortable stands also you are able to enjoy the perfectly developed related infrastructure, which includes changing rooms, gyms and a pool in which you feel like a real part of the team and the stadium itself. Many fans and tourists are also attracted by the museum of the New York Yankees team, where you can touch the history of this place, and a small park in which you can observe the memorials dedicated to the players which also make you closer to the great players and also make you proud of being there.
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