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Recreation Centre Located at Albury - Report Example

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The paper "Recreation Centre Located at Albury" describes that XYZ should be concerned with other things like expansion and more quality service and use, rather than the completion of unfinished structures. All structures must have been finished by the next business year…
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Recreation Centre Located at Albury
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Extract of sample "Recreation Centre Located at Albury"

Download file to see previous pages Twenty permanent staff; twenty to fifty contractual, and ten young volunteers who take turns in guiding and informing the users of the proper use of the environment. The distinction is emphasized between staff and employees on one hand, and local volunteers on the other. Volunteers are accorded guest status, i.e. with some privileges.
The XYZ Ecotourism aims to provide outdoor recreation site for local residents and tourists with amenities for picnicking, hiking, bushwalking, and other similar outdoor activities. It encourages weekend recreation/retreat for local residents and tourists who temporarily seek refuge from the hassles of urban life.
XYZ Ecotourism has conceived some months ago during a group outdoor get-together by well-minded individuals, businessmen with previous acquaintances, who saw a flourishing ecotourism business in Albury, New South Wales, Australia. They were also impressed by the concern of local residents in the area who took turns in caring for their environment and promoting green tourism among local businesses and small entrepreneurs in the community.
With firm determination, the businessmen - five in number - who now comprise the majority of the stockholders bonded together and slowly transformed the once uninhabited and underdeveloped area in the outskirts into a flourishing eco-tourism destination to feature an outdoor recreation in a natural setting.
The recreation site provides a venue for people to escape - i.e. temporarily - from the rigors and stress of urban life, and to engage in a predominant recreational pastime of picnicking in a natural setting with the amenities of modern facilities and new technology. The site also provides a peaceful retreat for passive pursuits as well as an opportunity for more active endeavors such as jogging, walking, hiking, bushwalking, etc.
3. Summary of Objectives and Timelines
3.1 To provide an outdoor recreation or an ecotourism destination, conveniently situated near urban centers in Alsbury, New South Wales;
3.2 To produce an approximate number of picnic areas, with parking spaces, roads, paths, most of which are still to be constructed.
The target maximum picnic areas are twenty but can be expanded, considering the large area the facility provides. At present, the company has provided ten picnic areas located within a one-kilometre radius, and within a short range from the Admin/Office. The main road is 95% complete, while some access roads are still being constructed; paths and trails are also provided, but still incomplete.
These are the requirements for the picnic areas:
tables in open spaces with scattered trees
tables near parking areas
facilities with a view of the water, grassed areas with shades acceptable for grass picnicking
flat or minimal sloping ground ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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