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Cheating in baseball - Essay Example

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In the paper “Cheating in baseball” the author analyzes examples of cheating in baseball which represents major field for this. The writer states that cheating is one of the resorts since it is the easiest way to gain favor from the residing official, making the player to exploit their cheating limits…
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Cheating in baseball
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"Cheating in baseball"

Download file to see previous pages Thornton et al, also presents their view on the deeper roots of cheating in baseball. The author present a case study, founded on cheating, about Mark Schelereth who was an offensive linesman in the NFL Denver Broncos. The case study present the implication of a creative cheating whereby coating their arms with Vaseline thereby making them “slimey” such that no individual could grab onto them. Their actions lead to the Broncos winning the game over their opponents. Further, there was no action taken against them implying that their cheating strategy worked to their advantage although it presented an unfair competition. Considering this case study, the authors asserts, “cheating in sports is generally considered unethical; however, in baseball circles it is tolerated” (Thornton et al, p. 12). This is enough evidence to support the fact that cheating is moral in baseball especially when exhibited in a skillful way.
Mills, Dorothy S. Chasing Baseball: Our Obsession with Its History, Numbers, People and Places. Jefferson, N.C: McFarland & Co, 2010.
Dorothy Mills uses her book in order to show the extent of cheating in baseball. She asserts that cheating is an everyday aspect in baseball and other sports, with every individual associated with the game facing the consequences. The cheating individuals normally end up gaining unfair advantage against their competitors thereby affecting both the latter and their fans. Dorothy asserts, concerning the fans associated to cheating team “we cheer when our teams cheat… ...
The cheating individuals normally end up gaining unfair advantage against their competitors thereby affecting both the latter and their fans. Dorothy asserts, concerning the fans associated to cheating team “we cheer when our teams cheat… that’s because all we care about is winning, fans do not care about being fare to the other guys” (Mills, p. 113). This excerpt acts as evidence that cheating forms a significant part of a baseball game considering that it may affect the results from the referee. Despite a team presenting all their efforts to play their game, a residing official may end up frustrating them when the latter does not realize cheating from the other team. Cassuto, Leonard, and Stephen Partridge. The Cambridge Companion to Baseball. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2011. Print. Cassuto presents an instance of Beckley who had miss the third base by fifteen feet but the residing official still considered that a win. Cassuto asserts that the players normally use this blatant trick in order to gain unfair advantage from the residing officials. Even though many fans in the game may have witnessed Beckley miss the third base, they did not present any effort towards complaining about the game. Cassuto uses this to confirm the truth that cheating is part of baseball besides other sports and fans condone it. He asserts “fans understand cheating and even condone cheating….that puts cheating in unusual moral category, wrong doing that the baseball lovers would rather have in the game than not” (Cassuto&Stephen, p. 186). This quote is enough evidence that the baseball fans consider the act of cheating as moral and would feel unease for any game that does not have cheating. Cassuto & Stephen use the book as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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