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Attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity - Annotated Bibliography Example

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The website gives basic information about ADHD and they provide several formats. As an example, they provide information that can be downloaded in .pdf format, they have videos and books and other publications…
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Attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity
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Extract of sample "Attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity"

Download file to see previous pages The researchers studied ADHD in children of pre-school age. They researched three parenting programs that showed promise in helping small children. The authors suggested that parents should have some type of parent training before they start treating their children with medication. They also discuss the barriers to using this method and give several ideas of how to work with preschoolers in addition to this model. The researchers state that medication should be used after they have tried parent training. The researchers present the dual pathway model.
This research is important to a paper on ADHD because it provides information about alternative interventions that are working. They suggest that parents must be able to control their children before they send them to school.
Many parents want to find alternatives to treating their children with ADHD because they do not want to use drugs. This article gives an understanding of ADHD from a doctor's perspective and it provides information about alternative nutrition that has been shown to help children and adults with ADHD.
The researchers provided information on several studies, including a double blind, crossover controlled trial that was designed to understand whether artificial food coloring and benzoate preservative in children's food could influence their hyperactivity. The trial included 1800 three year olds. The conclusion from these researchers was that ADHD is complex, and it should be treated with a multi-faceted treatment program.
This article is important to a paper on ADHD because it provides information in a very clear way without using a lot of medical jargon. Kravets, M.B. and Wax, I. (2010). The K&W guide to colleges for students with learning disabilities or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. IL: Imy Wax. This book is excellent because it describes colleges that work well with students who have ADHD. They provide information about getting into the college, what is important to do when the student is there, and how to approach classes. They also include advice from people who work in the field of ADHD. The book is invaluable to talking about the schools and how a student can approach college if they want to go. It gives hope to those students who may think they could not go to school at all. Kurtz, L.A. (2008). Understanding controversial therapies for children with autism, attention deficit disorder, and other learning disabilities: A guide to complementary and alternative medicine. PA: Jessica Kingsley Publishers This book provides an overview of alternative therapies that can be used in several learning disabilities, some of these are effective and others are not, according to the authors. The book is easy to read and understand. Because ADHD has so many different facets to it, this book is valuable in providing a wealth of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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