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Describing the box fight - Essay Example

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Boxing has, usually, been a bloody sport. Additionally, in the small world of the boxing arena, one cannot expect a silent crowd particularly when a big title is at stake. Media, being a powerful tool in relaying graphic particulars of events, is able to offer even small details of an incident to people who are located in different parts of the world…
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Describing the box fight
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These are a few of the reasons why sometimes, watching at home is better than being there myself. The replays definitely ensured that my need for visual gratification will be satisfied with their well-chosen replays of the highlights of the game. I did not even need to guess which punch hit what place. The media gave all of that to me.
I want to relay the commentators’ views verbatim, but I am at a loss. No matter how I probe my brain to remember how they said things, all I can remember were the feelings those words had on me. Still, in this narrative, I will try to relay the details by interpreting and paraphrasing what was retained in my memory. Additionally, in this account, I will also try as much as possible to refer to scenes as I have personally experienced and seen them, to provide the most detailed account of the event I want to narrate.

In reference to the title I chose, I am not saying that people are asking for blood, but boxing, as we know it, sort of makes one expect that the more bloody the event is, the more exhilarating the winning is. This was what I felt during the hours of watching a spectacular boxing match a couple of months ago. I was at home cozily sitting on the plush brown sofa I chose to sit on for the event.the mahogany center table, I placed a large bowl of yellow buttered popcorn that I just got out from the microwave. The flavorful scent that permeated the air made me smile as I placed a tall glass of iced tea beside the glass bowl. I was preparing myself to be as excited as the crowd because it is a very much talked about match. Curious to see what this titleholder has to offer, I began to immerse myself in the game. I was trying to listen to what the commentators were saying, and the crowd’s piercing screams caused me a frown or two occasionally. By the middle part of the match, my hands were already clammy with cold sweat. I did not realize I was so much taken by the events inside the ring. I clutched my white handkerchief, gripping it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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