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Child Soldiers and the International Community - Research Paper Example

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This research paper “Child Soldiers and the International Community” examines the issue of child soldiers around the world. It will critically evaluate the trends in the development and radicalization of child soldiers and why it is so difficult to control this process…
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Child Soldiers and the International Community
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Extract of sample "Child Soldiers and the International Community"

Download file to see previous pages Evidence exists that child soldiers have been used in wars for hundreds of years (Gates & Reich, 2010). This was the norm because most communities sought to recruit as many people as possible from within those communities to win wars. The Second World War was fought with the use of young men in various capacities, and a typical example is the Hitler Youth, which was an organization for the recruitment of teenage boys to handle various roles in the Axis side of the war (Drumbl, 2012).
The main reason identified for the use of child soldiers is that it is cheap to acquire such soldiers and give them very little (Dallaire, 2011). This is because wars are expensive. And in every war, there is the need to acquire logistics and human resources. This indicates that every armed group in a conflict will need to have sufficient funds to pay for all these things. Hiring adult soldiers to come with high costs. This is because adults have obligations and as such, they need to have money to pay for these obligations. Adults also have a stronger view of their rights and their responsibilities. Therefore, they are likely to make demands for more comprehensive compensation that will enable them to meet these obligations. On the other hand, child soldiers are young, and they have limited obligations so they are willing to fight for absolutely little and this means it is cheaper to bring them into an armed conflict. Therefore, instead of schools and other institutions which teach children productive skills in their lives, there are institutions that teach war and all the negative things that come with it, including hatred and violence. This shows that society is likely to be locked into a cycle of violent warfare and this will come at a cost of perpetually indulging in war and violence. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Child Soldiers and the International Community Research Paper - 13.
(Child Soldiers and the International Community Research Paper - 13)
Child Soldiers and the International Community Research Paper - 13.
“Child Soldiers and the International Community Research Paper - 13”.
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