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How Does Culture Affect South Asian Immigrant Womans Response to Domestic Conflict within the US - Coursework Example

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This paper "How Does Culture Affect South Asian Immigrant Woman’s Response to Domestic Conflict within the US?" focuses on the fact that at the beginning of this course Professor Denise Elaine Williams asked us to write our views on negotiation, conflict resolution, and peacebuilding. …
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How Does Culture Affect South Asian Immigrant Womans Response to Domestic Conflict within the US
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Extract of sample "How Does Culture Affect South Asian Immigrant Womans Response to Domestic Conflict within the US"

Download file to see previous pages This book broke down conflict into smaller more manageable blocks, and it also provided solutions on how to deal with these blocks and remove the overwhelming emotional response to conflict that might be responsible for deteriorating the outcome. The book talks about many concepts, such as face-saving and making all actors in a conflict feel safe, which can be a challenge at times. Conflicts often become toxic when one or both parties engage in name-calling and ultimately lose sight of the objective or goal. We learned about BATNA and the importance of small talk before delving into any major conversations.

The reading was Lawrence F. Locke, Stephen Silverman, and Waneen Spirduso’s “Reading and Understanding Research” (2010). This was a particularly new area for me, as I had never previously used research as part of my curriculum. This book discussed the structured approach toward reading and understanding research. The lesson I learned from this book was how important it is to understand the research in its totality by comparing it with papers from the same area. This helps readers to completely analyze the intentions, scope, hypothesis, need, relevance, and conclusion presented by the researcher. We learned about the importance of reading authentic publications, which undergo strict procedures and reviews before a paper can be published. I feel this was a good introduction to observing research, although it did get monotonous at times; however, in retrospection, this knowledge helped in later courses.

As part of our course requirements, we had to compile an original research paper on any topic but use applicable theories and relevant peer-reviewed articles. The intent of this task was to understand how to use the American Psychological Association (APA) style and familiarize ourselves its citation techniques and referencing rules. My paper was aimed at understanding conflict in a multicultural organization through the use of Hofstede’s cultural dimensions theory and Milton Gordon’s seven stages of assimilation theory.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(How Does Culture Affect South Asian Immigrant Womans Response to Dome Coursework, n.d.)
How Does Culture Affect South Asian Immigrant Womans Response to Dome Coursework.
(How Does Culture Affect South Asian Immigrant Womans Response to Dome Coursework)
How Does Culture Affect South Asian Immigrant Womans Response to Dome Coursework.
“How Does Culture Affect South Asian Immigrant Womans Response to Dome Coursework”.
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