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How Reapportionment Has Affected Nevada after the 2000 Census - Research Paper Example

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The report presents how reapportionment has affected the State of Nevada after the 2000 census. The latter determines the number of spokesmen that a state has in the US House of Representatives. densely populated states are allocated more representatives compared to the low populated ones…
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How Reapportionment Has Affected Nevada after the 2000 Census
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Download file to see previous pages According to the 2000 census report, the Nevada state had a total population of 2,002,032 0f which 1,998,267 was resident population and 3,775 included the united states population overseas for those whose hometown was Nevada. The article further states that the main aim of apportionment is to evenly distribute the congress seats among the fifty states.
Reapportionment is the process of allocation of seats among the fifty states in the United States based on the previous census. This allocation of the seats is determined by a state’s population. Reapportionment takes place after two years since the last census; hence, after the 2000 census, reapportionment was done in 2003. this apportionment population includes the adults, children, United States citizens, and immigrants. Importantly, Nevada received additional one representative for its state; however, each of the fifty states is usually entitled to one representative depending on the population of a state. A census in the United States is conducted after every ten years. When the census is done, the results are reported to the president by the end of that year, thus the results of the census are used to allocate the congress seats to all the states.
There are four different types of formulas that are used when apportioning seats to the states. One of the formulas is the method of greatest divisors; this method divides the total population by the number of seats assigned to each state, such that every state is given the exact number of seats that it deserves.
The second formula is the method of major fractions that was invented by Daniel Webster. It was used in the 1840’s, in which it considered adding a seat to a state that had a fraction of a half and above. Alexander proposed a third formula in the 1850’s that ensured that members were allocated to each state depending on the state’s population, while the remaining seats were allocated to the highly populated states. In the 1930s, the formula of equal proportion arose in which it uses the state’s population and divides it by the geometric mean of a state’s present number of seats and the next seat. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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