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Nevada - Essay Example

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Nevada is one of the states of United States located on the North comprising the Rocky Mountains, Nevada is known for its glittering cities and luxurious casino among the famous is one found in Las Vegas city, Nevada's largest city. Nevada's history was embellished with distinctiveness than that of the other states…
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Extract of sample "Nevada"

Nevada is one of the s of United s located on the North comprising the Rocky Mountains, Nevada is known for its glittering cities and luxurious casino among the famous is one found in Las Vegas city, Nevada's largest city. Nevada's history was embellished with distinctiveness than that of the other states. During the year in between 1800 to 1900, Nevada was under the control Spain and later on Mexico. The national situation outside the city state is different that uprising has already settling as many tribes began to demand for their autonomy. The original Nevadans consist of major three native groups the Paiute, the Shoshone and the Washoe. Early white settlements were Spaniards headed by two Spanish explorers Father Francisco Atanasio Dominguez and Father Silvestre Velez de Escalante both were looking for the route that connects the San Buenaventura River into the Rocky Mountains down to the Pacific, however none were unearth. On the same occasion another Spanish Friar again aim to locate the route but instead find himself into Las Vegas. When Spain had befallen, Mexico ceded Nevada, this is the time when the Paiute tribes became slaves and were exported by the Mexicans. Nevada was teeming with natural resources that perhaps that is one of the motivations of the newcomers to settle in the place. Exploration had started off during 1821 when Peter Skene Ogden of the Hudson's Bay Company of Great Britain and Jedediah Smith of the Rocky Mountain Fur Company followed by others entered the opposite ends of Nevada seeking new beaver ponds and the elusive river, the San Buenaventura. Several explorations aimed to locate the mysterious San Buenaventura River but none of them ever finds it. The end of the Mexican War started to be the second phase of the Great exploration towards the frontier of Nevada. The discovery of gold had further the determination of many explorers. By 1849, the first non-Indian settlement was made at Mormon Station (Genoa) it is to supply travelers of the gold being mined. Another major mining site is at Comstock Lode having the rich deposit of silver and gold discovered in 1859 located at central Nevada. Peter O'Riley and Patrick McLaughlin had started off digging the gold and silver deposits while other nations have started to digging the same location. Chinese settlers began to enter, Germans also have gain share from the gold mines. Italians and Irishmen drew their interest, these are the only few aliens who have subjugate the wealth of Nevada. By the end of 1800's there was a dearth of gold and silver. This is also the time when many Nevadans have asserted their political independence. Now the Gold Hill and the Silver City became the Ghost town of Nevada's past. It was on this point that I believe and stressed that during these days, Nevada veer on the national trend that America had during those days. Many had focused on independence and sovereignty while fighting the foreigners who were claiming their native lands. Many Native Americans are waging war against the whites when exploitation is threatening. They were accompanied by the Blacks resistance over the domination of the whites. The Declaration of Independence was signed and emancipated the Natives and the Blacks. Independence is the main concern of the Native Americans as well as settlers in the nearby frontier. Others also have different concern; they aim on establishing the beginning of Industrialization while political power is focused on consolidating the states of United States into one nation. However, during the days when the wealth of Nevada was cracked, the federal government claims their jurisdiction over it. President Lincoln have argued that Nevada statehood can support or can supplement the 13th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution which outlawing the slavery. One of the major importances of having Nevada on US States is that the state can earn appropriation over the tax on mining. Thus on October 31, 1864 Nevada became the 36th state, Carson City is its capital. It was on this event that exploration to other city state has made possible. This has made Nevada a larger portion on the national trends when mining was warranted by the state. Mining now is an integral growth of a nation. Many gold and silver were used mainly by the state especially on state-financial matters. This budge has made Nevada unique among its neighboring states as it elevated the significance of mining explorations.
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Nevada Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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