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Current System of Industrial Relations and Dispute Resolution - Term Paper Example

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This paper discusses how globalization and the generational changes have impacted the unrest among the migrant workers in China and the factors that cause the unrest and also on the current system that has been employed within the Chinese system in regards to the industrial relations and the dispute resolution…
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Current System of Industrial Relations and Dispute Resolution
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Extract of sample "Current System of Industrial Relations and Dispute Resolution"

Download file to see previous pages In the current times, where the world is being led into an information age and people are much more aware of their rights, the chances for discrimination or any form of illegal working conditions for the employees is slowly becoming difficult as people are now fully aware of their legal rights. Also, the trade union people not respecting the rights of the people and accusing the people wrongly of being ‘illiterates’ when the rights are brought out (Striking Out 2010).
In the current age, people are not ready to be run over and to be ‘Walk – over’, like the previous generations. The current generation is more focused on living a life with dignity and respect and to also get what their actual rights are. As the author explains, people are now looking for working with ease. The new generation focuses on realizing their values and to develop a strong set of values to live a life with dignity and pride. The current generation does not mind doing any job, as long as it is legal, rightful, and keeps up with the pride and dignity and there is no humiliation present. Unlike the previous generation where the people were fine to work on stringent working conditions and were fine not to have breaks, or even receive overtime for their work, the current generation asks for their rights, i.e. the overtime money and good working conditions where the toilet breaks are not timed (Harney 2009). Research conducted in 2001, by DYG Inc., highlights that there is clearly a major difference in the working style of the people of the current generation. The report highlights that the current generation identifies itself as a “breed apart, talented, skilled and in demand” (DYG, Inc. 2001). The report also highlights that the current generation is proud of their talents and is also focus on financial packages to a great extent. A simple difference as clearly seen in the case study as well is that earlier generation, worked and kept up with all the ill-treatment by the employers, just to make sure that they can earn and save up before they leave and go back to their homes. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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