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Social on Youth and Youth Gangs - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Social Research on Youth and Youth Gangs" explains that Qualitative Social Research on Youth and Youth gangs organized groups of self-identified adolescents coming together with a common interest and a leader in those activities that are regarded as illegal to the society are called youth gangs…
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Social Research on Youth and Youth Gangs
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Extract of sample "Social on Youth and Youth Gangs"

Download file to see previous pages Youth gangs have been studied in the United States and it has also raised interests in many other regions of the world. In most studies, it has been reported that there is a consistent and robust relationship between elevated delinquency and gang membership. It is also proposed that the involvement of youth gangs fulfills the economic needs of youths excluded from the labor market. This study analyses the qualitative research that has been conducted about youth and youth gangs. It will involve analyzing the data conducted noting the method used in collecting this data and the limitations faced in the process. The study will finally make clear what criminological dimension is involved in this topic.
One of the research conducted involve one of the researches carried out involved youth gangs and the issues they face. It also shows when a group can be referred to as a gang. This study involved the significance of the reliable definition of a gang and its connection to crimes linked to a particular gang. The researchers used an example of around 6000 students from middle school to scrutinize the phenomena following gangs and used as wee as membership definitions. The least description involved students who in the future had claimed gang membership and the most restrictive description included students who are currently members of a particular gang and whose members have an organizational structure and are currently involved in illegal acts. The study was based on certain characteristics, hypothetical factors and the intensities of crime that a particular individual report (Judith and Juanjo, 2008). It also addressed the hypothetical and policy suggestion of changing the description of gang association. When describing between the conceptual and operational definition, the researchers lacked a definition consensus. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Social Research on Youth and Youth Gangs Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 Words)
Social Research on Youth and Youth Gangs Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 Words.
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