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Cyber Security: Regulations of Social Networks - Research Paper Example

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Criminals have become confident enough in themselves to post information concerning their criminal activities on social networks. An author of this paper will discuss the arguments for law enforcement to be allowed to monitor the social networking sites to prevent crime…
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Cyber Security: Regulations of Social Networks
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Extract of sample "Cyber Security: Regulations of Social Networks"

Download file to see previous pages While social networks continue to grow in popularity, there arises the need to monitor them because their growth also has the potential of increasing the potential of cybercrime. The necessary structures to ensure that there is the policing of social networking sites have yet to be put in place and this is because of the right of individuals to their privacy. While this is the case, the lack of policing social networks ensures that they are a haven for cybercriminals and a danger to the society, meaning that law enforcement officers have to be involved in monitoring these sites. Such monitoring should be allowed especially when they are investigating crimes, in which case they should not be required to obtain a warrant, because doing so might hamper the course of their investigations.
One of the reasons why law enforcement officers should be allowed to monitor social networking sites when conducting investigations is because there are sexual predators that use these sites to get their victims, especially children. These criminals lure children to give them information about themselves or make them send pictures of themselves, whether in the nude or otherwise, with evil intent (Pemberton 20). In addition, there are also the cases of children being allowed to access social networking sites from quite a young age. These children end up becoming exposed to the inappropriate material within social networks and these vary from explicit material, the violent content including videos, pictures, and writings. These are very harmful to a child because they may not only lead to a child being molested by predators but may also lead to him display inappropriate behavior due to the watching of pornography.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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