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People as Cultural Beings and the Christian Posture - Assignment Example

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In the paper “People as Cultural Beings and the Christian Posture” the author discusses Christianity as one of the predominant factors in the Western socio-cultural discourse. It has given birth to a wide range of debates regarding its appreciation and acceptance…
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People as Cultural Beings and the Christian Posture
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Extract of sample "People as Cultural Beings and the Christian Posture"

Download file to see previous pages In recent times questions regarding the impact of Christianity over culture have become so prevalent that several of the modern intellectual disciplines consider it an archetype of orthodoxy that is aimed at restraining the newer cultural trends (Niebuhr 1956 p. 1-2).
However, the existing historical shreds of evidence clearly convey that despite Christianity has always been one of the most important factors in the context of determining people’s reciprocation towards a particular cultural trend, but different civilizations at different points of time have denied the impact of the Christian culture as those perceived that it can be a threat against individuality of their respective cultural tends, “Not only Jews but also Greeks and Roman, medievalists and moderns, Westerners and Orientals have rejected Christ because they saw in him a threat to their culture” (Niebuhr 1956 p. 4). Consequently, such a diverse perception about Christianity has resulted in the emergence of diverse religious responses among common people regarding Christian posture about socio-cultural trends. Despite this fact, it cannot be denied that Christian outlook about the basic dimension of socio-cultural aspects plays a major role in determining the nature of cultural trends within the arena of Western social discourse.
The perceptions and interpretations regarding the actual meaning of culture differ so drastically from one society to another that it has become really tough for anthropologists to encompass all those in a form of definition. The way culture was interpreted in the earlier times, it has received an altogether new interpretation in recent times. During the earlier times, it was considered that society is based upon a certain common. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(People as Cultural Beings and the Christian Posture Assignment, n.d.)
People as Cultural Beings and the Christian Posture Assignment.
(People As Cultural Beings and the Christian Posture Assignment)
People As Cultural Beings and the Christian Posture Assignment.
“People As Cultural Beings and the Christian Posture Assignment”.
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