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How to Start an Online Escorting Service - Assignment Example

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In the paper “How to Start an Online Escorting Service” the author focuses on designing an online escort service, which is the marketing and the reach the service can render. Though the potential market can be considered to be huge but giving the right kind of information…
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How to Start an Online Escorting Service
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Extract of sample "How to Start an Online Escorting Service"

Download file to see previous pages Also, the use of business cards can help in some regards. But when typically a business is set to market online, then there are few distinct categories in which they were divided. The first is the personal and individual sites created by an escort herself. (Roberts, 23) This can be regarded as only one point service connection, where only one escort is focusing on achieving the maximum business for her. However, when a third person tries to establish a business where many escorts are involved, and the business typically tries to capture a whole lot of a customer, the dynamics of the entire marketing perspective changes.
Many related issues come into the scenario like the costs and the legal factors etc. The other typical online services which are available in the market are “Mall & Directories” (Roberts, 24). These are the websites where typically a group of providers is available, providing an interface where the client gets the option of choosing the right escort according to his liking. Here there are two ways by which the online service provider (the website owner) can earn. Firstly, the business owner will provide space for individual providers on their website, thereby demanding money in return. (Ditmore, 145) Also, another way the website owner may earn is by taking a commission on every client the escort gets. So the possibility of earning is always there. But the really smart work would be to incorporate the entire public relation of a provider (escort) under a single umbrella.  Some of the agencies which operate such businesses are highly organized in nature providing service in-house as well as out-call clients. (Ditmore, 145). Now those agencies have their problems too. There may incidents that when an escort creates her own database of clients, she may be willing to move out of the system and may continue the business on her own. (Ditmore, 145). The problem gets even bigger if she used to be the most popular. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How to Start an Online Escorting Service Assignment.
(How to Start an Online Escorting Service Assignment)
How to Start an Online Escorting Service Assignment.
“How to Start an Online Escorting Service Assignment”.
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