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Arab Americans and Bonds of Hate Groups - Assignment Example

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The author of the "Arab Americans and Bonds of Hate Groups" paper identifies historical developments that have impacted relationships between Arab Americans and the Criminal Justice System, discusses the common bonds of hate groups, and explains the historical origins of the Ku Klux Klan…
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Arab Americans and Bonds of Hate Groups
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Extract of sample "Arab Americans and Bonds of Hate Groups"

Download file to see previous pages The Arab-Israeli conflict has so far been the major influence on how the Arabs were treated in the United States criminal justice system. The American partiality towards Israel and the Arab hostility has been a prominent variable in the American criminal justice system’s policymaking. However, the single most significant historical development that has impacted the relationship between Arab Americans and the criminal justice system was the 9/11 terrorist attack. This event is pivotal in the criminalization of the US immigration law and the legal and bureaucratic reforms that were implemented, including the new alien detention authorities of the US Patriot Act and the separation of the service and law enforcement functions of the Immigration and Naturalization Service with the transfer of the most of the agency to the new Department of Homeland Security. (Mollenkopf 2005, p. 195)

The 9/11 attack also plays a major role and when not, an underlying part, in the Bush administration’s domestic anti-terrorism policies. A consequence of these policies involves the substantial documentation and profiling of Arab Americans and South Asians. A case in point is the currently evolving government policy of arrest and detention that has been seen, in the words of Mollenkopf as, “a dragnet that… would have been called Operation Find and Hold the Muslims.” (p. 195)

Arab Americans have a particularly strained relationship with the law enforcement department. Racial profiling – taking race or ethnicity into account in deciding whom to stop, question, frisk, and so on – occurred as law enforcement officials place Arab and/or Muslim Americans under intense scrutiny, especially at airports.

Hate groups are just examples of groups that are bonded together against others and these include terrorist organizations, gangs, among others. The bond that unites the members of hate groups together is like an opiate that enhances each member’s feeling of being connected, of being close as well as accepted and secure. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Arab Americans and Bonds of Hate Groups Assignment - 1.
(Arab Americans and Bonds of Hate Groups Assignment - 1)
Arab Americans and Bonds of Hate Groups Assignment - 1.
“Arab Americans and Bonds of Hate Groups Assignment - 1”.
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