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Should the US Pull Their Troops out of Iraq - Essay Example

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Several important figures of the world of politics and the military forces on the United States of America, such as the CIA chief John Deutch, say they should. From those that argue that the war was never necessary in the first place to those that the issue has caused controversy for years.
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Should the US Pull Their Troops out of Iraq
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Download file to see previous pages However, during Gulf War I most of Saddam's weapons were destroyed and, with the country under a very strict embargo since then, it is virtually impossible he could have accumulated such an arsenal. Experts often argue that the US should not be trying to re-build a nation according to its own values. Additionally, it is believed that the presence of US troops in the area is fuelling the civil war that is taking place there. During the years following the Golf War I, the US bombed Iraq daily killing thousands of Iraqis and it is thus not surprising that the Americans are viewed as occupiers. Many Iraqis firmly believe that America has come to conquer and not to aid them. In terms of the economic cost, it was L. Lindsey, President Bush’s economic adviser, who several years ago suggested that the cost of the war would reach $200 billion. Since then, this has been proved to be a serious underestimation: the US Congress has already spent in the order of $357 billion for military operations, reconstruction works, enhanced security at US bases and foreign aid programs in Iraq and the neighbouring Afghanistan. Therefore, if the reasons to start the war were: 1) liberation of Iraq of the regime of terror imposed by Saddam; 2) the establishment of a democracy; 3) self-defence and elimination of any weapons of mass destruction; and 4) protection of the Middle East;
and these issues have now been resolved (liberation of Iraq has been achieved and Saddam has been tried and executed for the crimes he committed.; a democracy or at least a new government selected after democratic elections has started to exercise power; weapons of mass destruction were never found; there is no risk that a country in ruins will try to attack or invade the neighbouring countries-even when Saddam was alive this was quite a remote possibility) What is the presence of the US troops in the area achieving
The answer is simple: nothing. From an international point of view, the presence of US troops is only aggravating the problem, increasing the possibilities of a bloody civil war. From a domestic point of view the deployment of troops in Iraq weakens the US military power; it detracts attention from other issues, such as international terrorism and the situation with North Korea and Iran; and the economic and human cost has risen significantly.
While an early withdrawal of the troops has been announced by the British government, President Bush has confirmed an additional 21,500 additional troops will be sent in (Harding and Hardern). Is he seriously damaging the image of the US and its international credibility Many believe he is

Should the US continue to support Israel
There are many reasons for the existing strong relationship between Israel and the US. First, the US was the first country to recognize the state of Israel. Secondly, the US has maintained a very profitable arm trade with Israel for a number of years. Thirdly, Israel is a very useful non-NATO ally that has a very strategic location in the "explosive" Middle East. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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