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Do Multinational Corporations Exploit the Developing World - Essay Example

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The author concludes that the stakeholders cannot afford to lose sight of the fact that with power comes responsibility. If there is an equitable sharing of all resources, there can be no apparent exploitation. Though this is might sound like a utopian model, it is no doubt an achievable goal…
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Do Multinational Corporations Exploit the Developing World
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Download file to see previous pages To most parts of the developing world, ‘Capitalism’ is a mantra that is probably one of the surest ways of achieving economic stability not just for the individual, but also for the country as a whole. “The essence of capitalist exchange is to proceed from money to money by way of commodity and end up with more money than one had at the outset.” (Raymond Aron 1967). Does this sound quite lop-sided? Well, to a person or a firm who has decided to bet his last dollar on making it big in a country that is not his own, there is every cause to make the most of what can be got. Over a period of time, one will be able to assess and evaluate the quantity and quality of the resources that are available in this new country. However one-sided the argument of a capitalist may seem to be, there is no doubt that expansion of any firm involves certain losses, the pinch of which is usually felt by the developing world. There is this constant rat-race for economic prosperity, marked by large-scale trade-offs that are more often than not, worth the reward, over a period of time. To the capitalist, this is the essence of success, a tangible measure of progress.
There is no doubt that Communism as an ism has all but disappeared from the present day world. In spite of this, there are remnants of this ideology which are very powerful in many parts of the world even today. When one talks about the rights of the worker or the son of the soil for that matter, there is this overriding imperative to take care of his needs before all developmental issues are even thought of. There is always the fear that the advent of multinational corporations would first exploit workers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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