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The Impact of Ethnicity and Racialisation on Immigrants to the UK - Assignment Example

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In the paper “The Impact of Ethnicity and Racialisation on Immigrants to the UK” the author focuses on the topic of racism, which is one that involves a subject of many manifestations and reaches across various elements.  Recent examinations of this issue point to a newly developing variety of racism…
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The Impact of Ethnicity and Racialisation on Immigrants to the UK
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Extract of sample "The Impact of Ethnicity and Racialisation on Immigrants to the UK"

Download file to see previous pages The rising public resentment and the resulting violent actions against those that seek asylum is an illustration of ‘racialization’ because these people are targeted simply by means of their migration status and not from their ethnic, cultural, or religious background. Inequality is the practically unavoidable by-product of two prevailing dynamics, prejudice on the individual level and a political disparity on a societal level. All British citizens enjoy lawfully guaranteed equality but the equalities regarding equal access and opportunities for immigrants are unquestionably lacking.
Racism as an ideology is illogical in principle and diverse in practice thus difficult to explain by a single definition. It permeates the family tree of societies and is reflected in all its attitudes, behavior, and institutions. The concept of racism may be conscious or subconscious and is expressed in actions or attitudes initiated by individuals, groups, or institutions that treat human beings unjustly because of their skin pigmentation. Racism is rooted in dysfunctional belief systems resulting from distorted perceptions formed over a period of time. We cannot ignore the significant role of the socio-cultural environment in shaping perceptual patterns. “Attitudes are a readiness or proclivity of an individual to respond in a certain way toward something” (Doobs, 1947: 138).
People are inclined to respond on the basis of their own experience when it comes to social interactions and social biases such as racism. Therefore, people who have never experienced racism in real sense have a tendency to downplay a condition of racism or discrimination. Minorities are more easily affected by racism as it is a more aggravated offense to them. Where you stand racially in a society determines your perspective on the issue. People of the majority in a social context have a propensity to feel that the world is. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Impact of Ethnicity and Racialisation on Immigrants to the UK Assignment, n.d.)
The Impact of Ethnicity and Racialisation on Immigrants to the UK Assignment.
(The Impact of Ethnicity and Racialisation on Immigrants to the UK Assignment)
The Impact of Ethnicity and Racialisation on Immigrants to the UK Assignment.
“The Impact of Ethnicity and Racialisation on Immigrants to the UK Assignment”.
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