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A job is slavery - Essay Example

A job is considered as slavery since it must be done for one to be able to survive, meet daily expenses, invest and save for the future. There are so many expenses that a person has to meet in his life and this can only be met by having financial resources, which can only come from working. For instance, people must have a roof over their heads; a shelter that has to be built for one’s protection. A person should as well have three meals a day and cater for his health issues by visiting the health institutions. Other workers have dependants under their care including ones family or extended family members and this means that they have to work to cater for their expenses as well. In order to meet in some certain social classes, one has to work to be able to party and socialize with friends and thus feel like he belongs somewhere in the society. All these circumstances force a person be stuck in a job without his liking but only dictated by situations. This means that it might not be the decision of an employee to work but due to circumstances, one has to work.
Although a job might be tiring and thus be considered as slavery since despite the circumstances it has to be done, many can also see it as a path to green meadows because with a job, a person is able to enrich himself mentally and give exponential value to others. A job also helps a person be able to meet the above-mentioned expenses and thus feel important. It is very tiring to engage oneself to the daily tasks he is

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assigned to in the workplace but at the end of the day, a person is able to be paid and thus be able to cater for his expenses. This implies that there is light at the end of the tunnel that is full of misfortunes and hard work. After a person is able to realize his goal, he feels satisfied although he might have passed through a very tough road (Ram 55). After a person receives his wages and thus is able to socialize with friends, work in this case will be seen as means to achievement of not only the person’s necessities but also his luxuries. It is also very demoralizing when a person is forced by circumstances to undertake a task he does not like in efforts of getting to do what he wants. A job is also a path to green meadows when a person feels motivated in the workplace and thus is motivated to meet his objectives in life.
With one type of work, a person is able to improve his skills and thus be able to move to a more satisfying and well paying job (Cole 117). A person who s committed to his job and is ready to learn will be able to improve the learnt skills form an academic institution and thus learn thorough experience. With this kind of learning, one will be with the best expertise and thus be of help to his institution. This means that work will have helped this individual to earn more and live more comfortably and this will be green meadows for this person.


There are very different ways in which a person can pass over his information. This implies that information can be passed over in form of metaphors but they should be easy to understand. This is an employment metaphor and it in this case means that although a job is a nice thing that can lead to green meadows (pleasures), it can be a very tough thing to others and even be a form of slavery. …
A job is slavery
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