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He attended high school near Dixon after which he joined Eureka College where he studied Economics and Sociology. Soon after graduation, he became a radio sports journalists. In the year…
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Ronald Reagan
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Download file to see previous pages His second marriage was to another actress Nancy Davis, where they also had two children in the name of Patricia Ann and Ronald Prescott. In the year 1966 he was elected the 33rd governor of California, he retained his office in the subsequent election of 1970 (Garrison, 23). Reagan was nominated by the Republicans as their presidential candidate in the elections of 1980. With the aid of his running mate George Bush, he stormed into the White House. It is worth noting that barely 69 days after he took the oath of office, he faced an assassination attempt. Luckily he recovered and assumed duty soon after. He served as the 40th President of the USA between the year 1981 and 1989 (Garrison, 33).
Over his tenure at the White House he made many achievements as evidenced by the many economic indexes. Reagan inherited a country that was in an imbalance as per its tax policies, unemployment, and inflation and price fluctuations. Among his most effective policies was what was to be later known as Reaganomics (Paul and Larry, 18). Reaganomics involved a mix of cross-sector tax cuts, deregulation, and domestic spending restraint. This created an economic boom that lasted more than two decades. This was characterized by a long-term and short-term effect of creating 16 million jobs. No any other president has achieved this milestone during the reign of Reagan (Paul and Larry, 19).
When Reagan assumed office, the military had been downsized by the previous regimes. Under him, the military was revitalized. He created the peace through strength philosophy. Reagan re -commissioned the B-1 bomber that had been abolished by the Jimmy Carter administration. Production of the Mx missile was at its maximum production capabilities (Sheehan & Sheehan, 15). United States status as a world leader in warfare technology was affirmed by his administration when he increased troop’s level and production of the much-needed space parts. In his reign, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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