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Cinco de Mayo means “Fifth day in Spanish”. The Day of the Battle of Puebla is a day to remember in the Mexican history since May 5 1862, when the Mexican Army under General Zaragoza defeated a…
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Cinco de mayo
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A speech of Cinco de Mayo in Honor of the Holiday al Affiliation Cinco de Mayo is the celebration of the anniversary of the Battle of Puebla. Cinco de Mayo means “Fifth day in Spanish”. The Day of the Battle of Puebla is a day to remember in the Mexican history since May 5 1862, when the Mexican Army under General Zaragoza defeated a French army that tried to capture a town on the Eastern side of Mexico. The French had 8000 men while the Mexicans had 4000 men yet the Mexican heroes managed to overcome the French. They had never been defeated in over half a century.
We should always remember the 100 men that lost their lives in the fierce war and the great leader Diaz who distinguished himself during the battle. He ruled Mexico for 35 years. The French had a strong army, but the Mexicans defeat against them proved its ability to defend its sovereignty against any powerful nation. The celebration takes place even in America, meaning that this is an important day in history for very many people.
Today every Mexican is celebrating this holiday to remember how powerful we are, and how we should be united, no matter how few we are to defend our country against foreign invasion. We can be stable politically so that we can fight up economically, socially up to the international standards so as to reduce our reliance on other countries. It improves our standards of living and profoundly reduces poverty rates in our country.
The Battle of Puebla is also a lesson to the world that United we Stand divided we fall. It is an indication that nothing is impossible as long as we stand as one. The resources we have are enough for our success in any endeavor, in the same way our soldiers with less ammunition conjured the enemy, so as a nation, we can win all the battles.
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Cinco De Mayo Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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