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There is power in numbers and so having a collective effort seeks to give an authoritative stand that compels the recipient to take action. On the other hand,…
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Social movement
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Social Movement Affiliation: Social Movement What did the collective effort accomplish that an individual could not Thecollective efforts propelled the masses and sent a strong message to the authorities of the intentions of the group. There is power in numbers and so having a collective effort seeks to give an authoritative stand that compels the recipient to take action. On the other hand, the impact created by one person can be easily contained and silenced. In this aspect, the coming together of likeminded individuals seeks to in spur the spirit of solidarity that compels the group to dare their opponents with courage and determination leading to revolution. This cannot be in spurred by a single person.
It was the group of four determined black students from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical College who staged a protest against racism and discrimination that later spread across the whole country. There act of courage and collective effort made them go against the racism policies and at the end of it all propelled mass protest that lead to a revolutionary movement leading to an end to the racism policies hence making history (Turck, 2000).
2. In what ways does group involvement cause these movements to be sustainable or have long lasting impact
Group involvement plays a very significant role in inspiring these movements to be sustainable. This owes to the fact that individuals find strength and motivation from a team of likeminded individuals having the same beliefs and political ideologies. This works in the sense that the participants find inspiration and inner drive to foster for their rights. Such motivation and inspiration harnessed from team members is critical in propelling the movements to go to whatever length in an effort to be hard and addressed (Hurley, 1998).
There is also an aspect of sensitization and incitement that is characteristic of a movement. This is where every individual is talking ill of the common enemy and portray them in the worst possible way. This makes the participants create a negative perception about the subject and cultivate bitterness in their hearts. This sensitization triggers a spirit of discontent that compels the participants to go all the way in an effort to seek justice. It also makes one courageous and more determined than never to see into it that their demands are met. This is what makes the movements have a long lasting impact.
Involvement of iconic leaders and influential personalities in the social movements works to inspire the rest of the group. In order to have the sustainability aspects in mass movements, there must be a source of inspiration that keeps the groups motivated throughout. This could be effectively achieved by having leaders whom the society holds with high regards to take center stage in the course towards liberation (Hurley, 1998). Such leaders tend to hold the group together and act to create a symbol of unity among members. With such authority in the team, the movement gains a sense of direction that enables have a common stand and channel their efforts towards achieving a specific goal as was the case with the black’s movement (Turck, 2000).
This group had a common agenda to bring to an end incidences of racism has had become very prominent among the residents in the South. A protest that had been planned by four students ended up in a mass national revolution that was sustained until the authorities were compelled to do away with racism and discrimination policies against blacks in the South (Turck, 2000).
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Chicago Review Press. Read More
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