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Socail Walfare - Essay Example

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Every individual is capable of benefiting the society in some way and the society also bears moral and ethical responsibility to benefit…
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Socail Walfare
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"Socail Walfare"

Download file to see previous pages The social contact theory holds that “society is an artificial structure to meet up peoples demand” (KKHSOU, 2011). The organic theory suggests that a society is an organism comprising individuals that are interdependent. According to the group mind theory, the ideal self of man is realized through society since man is a social animal; “humankind is not simply an existent in the natural world; it is moreover a subjectively social existent, a unity of individual and species, of individual and society” (Defu, n.d.).
I believe that everyone in the society should work from a certain age to a certain age. Major changes were made in the welfare legislation in the US in 1996 as a result of which cash payments to millions of poor Americans was eliminated and millions of others were required to support their families and themselves by finding employment (Ehrenreich, 2012, p. 245). This was a popular change in law that caused a radical shift in the lifestyle of Americans, pushing more people to work and contribute to the development of society. “[A] good economic system…should fully employ available labor and other resources in turning out useful goods and services” (Sweezy, 1943). The government should seek public’s opinion through voting to establish the minimum age at which an individual can start working as well as the maximum age till which an individual can work. There should be proper laws and regulations to ensure that these age limits are not violated. The government also assumes the responsibility to provide those that fall out of the stipulated age range with all the necessities and benefits, whether they are children or older adults.
The government bears the ultimate responsibility to ensure that there are sufficient jobs in the economy for everyone. This can be achieved by periodically conducting surveys on national level to find out the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Socail Walfare Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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