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Immigration, Migration, Housing, or Segregation - Essay Example

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The Jungle depicted the horrors of the food industry that served as a catalyst towards a reform and a progressive movement. Without a doubt,…
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Immigration, Migration, Housing, or Segregation
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Download file to see previous pages An immigrant is any individual that resides in another country but migrates to a different country without obtaining the proper visa and protocols. These individuals are undocumented and enter the country illegal usually searching for a better future in a country that is also more technologically advanced. Although the process of entering a country without following the legal protocols is illegal, one cannot judge this behavior based on these facts. Many immigrant families have a vision of seeking a better future for their kids and have often have unfortunate circumstances beyond their control. With immigration, America has become exceptional because it has cultivated new ideas and innovation. As different ideas continued to blossom, the United States has become a nation in which culture and diversity is embraced. It would allow the market to be more diversified and allow individuals to be more tolerant of new cultures, ideas, and innovations. This characteristic itself is a testament to why America is an exceptional country. This has also lead to reformation within America for centuries. For instance, the industrial era was one of the earliest focal points in which reform was conducted. It allowed blue collars to gain leverage as the war for labor wages raged
The true version of living the American dream can certainly become a reality for these individuals. Individuals are motivated to work hard for themselves to progress further in life. This mutual symbiotic relationship between the citizen and the nation itself is truly exceptional. Unlike other countries which continue to emphasize the well-being of the nation, Americans pride themselves in being “individualistic.” This theology has been the pinnacle point of what makes America truly unique and fueled westward expansion. It was clear that the immigrants were in slums, earned bare minimum, and were treated like animals. Undoubtedly, Sinclair depicted the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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