The Raging Grannies: Defying Stereotypes and Embracing Aging through Activism - Article Example

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This research will begin with the statement that the article, Raging Grannies, is the depiction of an activist movement known as raging grannies by aged women who assumed the role of “grandmother” and described it to be a symbol of protection, motivation, and justice…
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The Raging Grannies: Defying Stereotypes and Embracing Aging through Activism
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The article, Raging Grannies, is the depiction of an activist movement known as raging grannies by aged women who assumed the role of “grandmother” and described it to be a symbol of protection, motivation and justice. The history of this movement dates back to 1980s, when women with similar notions came out on the streets with boards and protested in the language of music and fun.
Their protests were an amalgamation of disgust and creative imagination with a significant amount of humor. The Raging Grannies protested on a wide variety of fronts such as environment, politics, civil and military fronts.
Their music and lyrics were symbolic of their movement. Each and every word was pregnant of meaning and devised to reach the ears of their targets.
“Canadians get good health care; the British get it too, the French, the Dutch, The Germans just to name a few. But we get Health for profit and there’s an awful smell. What don’t we get? We don’t get well!” (Garghart, 1987)
In the above lyrics they are distasteful to the incompetency of their government at being unable to provide them their basic rights. They illuminate their misfortune by comparison with other people and in the end prove how unfortunate they are
The Author, Dana, is highly inspired by their peaceful sense of protest and the purity of their cause. She appreciates their sense of creative imagination and acknowledges their efforts made for raising voices in a manner as peaceful and touching as theirs. Their symbolic representation of the day’s unjust attitudes is sure to touch the hearts of many.
In her other, article Peace review: A journal of Social Justice, Dana rightfully highlights more of the work done by the raging grannies to alleviate war and enforce the law of peace. Their songs protesting against the war in Afghanistan are sad and full of disgust for the war wagers.
Sometimes, rather most of the time it was difficult for the Grannies to reach their target because of their now too famous attire. So they were threatened and marginalized. This can be looked upon as a great feminist stance. The active and fearless role played by the female community to raise awareness and stand up not only for themselves but for their nation is a remarkable feat indeed. The nobility of cause laid by them is a great lesson for generations to come. The word granny signifies protection and that is role performed by these noble ladies.
With their creative imagination they take on people who deal unjustly with their country and by persuasion and not coercion they make their agenda very clear.
They are not notorious; they are respectable and are now the subject of major activists and documentarians. Their liberty accredited to either age, sex or respect is their motivational force which helps them permeate through conditions that would otherwise be impermeable for other activists. Yet they do face old age and health issues. It should be noted that whatever natural or physical threat they receive their stamina is astounding as has been shown by interviews conducted with many grannies individually.
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