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How can Extractive Resources Support Human Development - Research Paper Example

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As the report declares extractive resources are obtained from the earth after discovering them in a specific place or region. Extractive resources are also known as natural resources but these are the non-renewable form of natural resources. …
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How can Extractive Resources Support Human Development
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Download file to see previous pages According to the paper the companies operating in extractive industry are working to explore natural resources in different parts of the world and are then extracting them to obtain its pure and useable form. Mining companies investigate for and extract minerals and metals including copper, gold, silver, platinum, precious stones, clay, gravel, shells, coal, iron, zinc and nickel. Once extricated, these assets are refined into materials for assembling, vitality creation or for immediate shopper buy, for example, gems. Large mechanical mining companies are ordered by their size, proprietorship structure and concentrate on particular minerals. Oil and gas companies investigate for and extract natural gas and crude oil, which are eventually refined and sold as transportation energizes and for power generation purposes. Extractive industry is researching aggressively to explore other types of extractive resources to ensure economic growth and community development in the long run.
From this study it is clear  that all extractive resources are not available in every part of the earth and there are some specific regions around the world popular for certain types of extractive resources. For example, most of the Arab countries are blessed with oil resources. Similarly, most of the minerals rich countries are African countries whereas metal rich countries are Saudi Arabia, Guinea, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Peru, India, USA, Ukraine, China, Chile, Brazil, etc.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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