The Dualism Of Human Nature And Its Social Conditions - Essay Example

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As one of classical era representatives in sociology, Emile Durkheim devoted his scientific career to finding out whether modern society is operating according to basic needs of a man. In this context, as the creator of sociology as a science, Durkheim paid his significant…
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The Dualism Of Human Nature And Its Social Conditions
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Download file to see previous pages In addition, he was induced to create ideal types of social environment which are based on deep connection within community and facilitating person’s adaptation in society. Accordingly, Durkheim created concepts of “mechanical solidarity” and “organic solidarity”. Besides, he offered moral order as a possible solution of current distinction between personality and its social transformation. So, peculiarities of Durkheim’s theory concerning human nature and one’s behavior in the society are defined in this paper. Moreover, by comparing his ideas to other findings in classical sociological thought Durkheim’s place in contemporary sociology is determined in current analysis.
To start with, as one of discoveries left after Emile Durkheim’s life the idea of social facts is maintained in modern sociology. Here, the society is seen as supraindividual force that operates free of individual’s will (Edles & Appelrouth, 2010, p. 97). And so, it is important to state that role of society is predominant in contrast to the role of personality. That is the reason why sociology as a science should concentrate on observation and analysis of visible evidences that are called social facts. As Durkheim (1893) explained his idea,
“Of course, it is a self-evident truth that there is nothing in social life which is not in individual consciences. Everything that is found in the latter, however, comes from society. The major part of our states of conscience would not have been produced among isolated beings and would have been produced quite otherwise among beings grouped in some other manner. They come, then, not from the psychological nature of man in general, but from the manner in which men once associated mutually affect one another, according as they are more or less numerous, more or less close.” (p. 287).
And so, social reality is independent from human nature, even though society consists of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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