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Holocaust and Rwanda Assignment - Essay Example

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Accountability is a strong way for the perpetrators to accept their mistake and the wrong they carried out through killing people or commissioning their killing or participation in any way to the genocide or holocaust. This is usually considered the first step towards not only…
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Holocaust and Rwanda Assignment
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"Holocaust and Rwanda Assignment"

Download file to see previous pages Witnessing is the aspect of stating the events as one observed or was directly involved in. Witnessing is very tricky as a lot of influence may affect the witnesses credibility hence leaving the perpetrator to walk away free or incriminate an otherwise innocent individual.
When it comes to human rights, both the witnesses and the perpetrators are offered protection as their accounts of the genocide events also greatly matter and contribute to the final ruling of the court. The International Criminal Court has legal clauses on the safety for he witnesses elaborated and the same is the case for Rwanda. This does not mean that both courts are in favor of the genocide perpetrators but are trying to protect them in order to even get their own account of the events that took place during the genocide as well as the holocaust if any justice is to be achieved.
The accounts of the Rwandan genocide indicate that the United Nations which is mandated by the world to promote peace and be on the forefront during violence in nations did nothing to alleviate this genocide. When it was evident that a lot of killings were taking place day and night, it sent in its troops to rescue its employees and their families in that nation and then stood aside watching as the country came crumbling down just like the rest of the world. This raised and to date continues to raise questions on the aspect of human rights and whom they govern if not Rwanda when they needed it the most.
UN is trying to make up for its lack of involvement in the genocide as well as holocaust through being on the forefront to bring to accountability those involved but it is the case of a little too late. If only they had come in when needed, many people would not have lost their lives and maybe even a little faith in the institution as well.
All in all, I agree that accountability should be taken very seriously in order to avoid such a traumatic event from taking place in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Holocaust and Rwanda Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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