World War II and the Holocaust - Assignment Example

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He was provided with a platform that was supportive towards his aims and objectives based on the problems faced domestically as well as the internationally. However with the aims of bringing about respect…
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World War II and the Holocaust
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Extract of sample "World War II and the Holocaust"

Adolf Hitler came to power in the midst of the failure of Weimar Assembly. He was provided with a platform that was supportive towards his aims and objectives based on the problems faced domestically as well as the internationally. However with the aims of bringing about respect and lost honor to the Germans, the Nazi party under Adolf Hitler soon diverged from its motto and ambition. It soon took upon the path of an ethnocentric society and a discriminative outlook towards the others. While Adolf Hitler along with rest of the Germans abhorred the hard line restrictions and conditions put upon them in the form of the indemnities and other penalties, the fact that Adolf Hitler considered Jews and the Austrians as the main agent and factor of brining about defeat to Germans in the First World War sow the seeds of evil and hatred within.
Initially when Adolf Hitler and Nazi party came to power, they claimed to aim at restoring the pride, honor and power of the Germans, but the undertaking of the Jews under a formally approved program of genocide in the name of Holocaust caused havoc and ran counter to the initially set forth principles and doctrines under the banner of National Socialist function and mandate they had received.
Historic as well as cultural factors were incorporated into the statement and actions against the Jews. On the historic front, they were being held as the guilty party for having brought about shame and defeat upon the Germans in the First War, on the social and societal front, the Jews were being termed as the inferior race that with their presence brought about downfall upon the other tribes and societies. Considering the Aryans as the superior tribe led to the creation of the concept of hatred for others (Blain, 2009, 79). An ultimate feeling of ethnocentric identity prevailed. The outcome and the future prospect were so horrific that it led to the utter hatred and annihilation of the Jews by the German Nazi party. They were to be eradicated step wise and the muzzling was so complete they their literature, their governmental occupational posts, their achievements, their identity all was removed step wise. Formally approved containment centers and Gas Chambers were introduced (Breitman, 2013). Designated posts of Ministry of Propaganda and spread of hatred against Jews were formally established. Strategies were being devised in the early phases of regime empowerment; formal actions came about towards the start of the Second World War. By the end of the Second World War, the concept of Holocaust had wrecked havoc and over six million Jews were persecuted in one way or the other. To the later end of the ruling days, the political dictates and overall ideology had shifted from the initially set forth function and desire of winning against the enemies, rather it was propelled along the lines of extermination of the Jews in any part of the world. Countries like Poland, Hungry and Austria along with other minnows were crushed in totality all in the name of Holocaust and hatred of the Jews.
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Breitman, R. (2013). FDR and the Jews. Harvard University Press Read More
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