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An essay "The Role of Religion in The Socialization Spectrum" claims that St. John of the cross and St Teresa of Avila during their time instilled a worldwide culture of Christian meditation, which grew to an essential spiritual enrichment practice referred as Centering Prayer…
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The Role of Religion in The Socialization Spectrum
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The Role of Religion in The Socialization Spectrum
Religion plays an indispensable role in the socialization spectrum as it brings diverse people together having a common goal, which is satisfying their spiritual urge. According to Alder’s study, the number of church-going American citizens has significantly increased with congregations of the mega churches amounting to approximately 8,000 worshipers per service. Studies so far contacted show approximately 45% of the American population goes for worship services on weekly basis.
St. John of the cross and St Teresa of Avila during their time instilled a worldwide culture of Christian meditation, which grew to an essential spiritual enrichment practice referred as Centering Prayer (Adler). Mainly, this practice entails Christians in the morning and evening sit in a quiet place while closing their eyes to concentrate their minds on God for at least 20 minutes daily (Adler).
Based on Alder’article, Americans seek spiritual enlightenment in diverse ways that suit their customs. In addition, different religions together with their cultural affiliations have resulted to a drastic change evident in America’s religiosity since immigration process of 1965 (Adler). Consequently, this prompted Christian immigrants to emerge with strange, unfamiliar practices and beliefs that characterized their ways. They established branches of their native churches in American, for instance, True Jesus Church from China.
During this an era of round the clock televangelism and official displays of Christian piety, there is hardly any human being that can dare criticize the power of God through His followers. In addition, in today’s world, people have taken varied paths in an attempt to find true spiritual connection with their God and fellow people through faith (Williams, 28). Based on varied studies in the United States religious spectrum, it is evident many citizens seeking God are in the quest finding true spiritual connection (Williams, 28). In addition, the latter is evident across the board with Catholics, Pentecostals, Muslims and pagans professing the same creed.
Keating has spread the gospel all over the world to spiritually hungry people seeking deeper relationship with God through many speeches, books and songs that he has authored (Adler).
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In the today’s world, the real spiritual quest is not engaging in political battles or questioning science findings out of schools, but rather experiencing God's spiritual connection directly (Adler). Adler claims if one attains the level of experiencing true connection with God, the vital mystery characterizing religious affairs is already a fulfilled quest whereby the rest do not matter (Adler).
In the past generations, it appeared from some vintage points that Americans did not seem to venerate any god in their lives even the Supreme Being. The latter due to its mysterious nature introduced many Americans to the anguish and worry of the thought whether God is dead. To them, if the supreme God was indeed dead, then the likely mysterious power that governed life was probably science, which has triumphed over its disregard to supernatural powers possessed by God (Williams, 245).
Based on Alder’s article, there is a significant increase in African-Americans attending churches in the recent past. However, their church turnout currently is no longer due to social advancement but of spiritual affiliations with God. Studies by Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma indicate US’ citizens appreciate God more than before and have an increasing impulse of seeking communion with Him (Williams, 287).
Additionally, these studies indicate that more citizens especially those younger than 60 years identify themselves as being “Spiritual” rather than “religious”, hence comprising a population of 79% to 60% (Adler). In the study, more than two thirds of the subjects claim to pray every day and nearly a third meditate on daily basis. Besides the latter, 75% of the subjects claim the most vital reason behind their resolute faith is to have a personal relationship with God (Adler).
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