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Theoretical Examination of Social Stratification - Essay Example

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There is no widely accepted precise definition of the middle class, but it is generally considered to represent the middle 60% of the population in terms of income level.( Levine 2012) Thoma argues that middle class life is becoming less secure as measured by the Middle Class…
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Theoretical Examination of Social Stratification Essay
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Theoretical Examination of Social Stratification

Download file to see previous pages... lict theory looks at society as a conflict between the interests of the relatively few who own the means of production and the majority who must make their living by supplying labor to those owners. I would argue that the social conflict theory better explains the underlying causes of the problem of the increasing income gap between the top 20% earners and the 60% comprising the middle class because while there has not been a revolution to date by the 2 lower classes, there have been angry demonstrations which could well escalate. Therefore the notion promoted especially by the Republicans that lower taxes providing increased net income for the upper class will always cause them to invest in businesses which will grow and ultimately benefit lower classes in a trickle down effect is suspect, as the results of the Bush tax cuts have shown. The idea that society will automatically adjust itself to function in a stable, productive manner with little government regulation has shown to lack credibility.
I would argue that the social conflict theory best interprets the issue because it recognizes that current society is a dynamic evolving organism and must respond to change caused by globalization and advancing technology, unlike the functional theory which is more appropriate to a stable unchanging society isolated from contact with others like a primitive one. I do not advocate revolution by the proletariat to take over the means of production as Marx did. Instead I propose a proactive role by government in tempering demands by the upper class for ever more wealth and power through appropriate higher tax levels and fewer loopholes with greater targeted transfers to lower and middle classes to provide a safety net and stimulate economic growth. Some tax incentives may be necessary to meet economic objectives, but they should be of limited duration and not renewed unless their proven economic benefit overrides considerations of equity. In other words, since we are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Essay on Social Stratification
I have been thinking about the assigned task for too long now, he seemed like a blessing in disguise to me. Therefore, I offered him the bench where I was sitting, This seemed like a good opportunity to strike a conversation with him. The purpose behind conducting his interview was to evaluate his socio economic status in his society by using social sciences survey method (Adle and Clark).
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What is social class? How is it measured and why does it matter? The term “social class,” mainly shortened to “class,” denotes the horizontal stratification of the society. Within this broad definition, the notion of class bears no clear-cut agreed-upon meaning, but is employed either as an omnibus term denoting variations grounded in wealth, income, level of consumption, family background and group identification, or an examination based on these enumerated factors (Craib 2002, p.342).
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Social stratification
Social class also refers to a concept that centers on various models of social stratification where people are put together in groups of hierarchical categories of social standing with the main ones being lower, middle, and upper class. A social class refers to a set of persons who are in a similar position economically (Levine, 2010).
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According to a report released by the national household survey, the richest group in the country earns over $135,000 while the remaining 90% earns below $28,000. This demonstrates the disparity that exists in the wages and wealth distribution in the country.
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Weber has given the three component theory of stratification based on class, status and party or politics. In this stratification class is an economical factor while status and politics are non economical factors. It includes the relationship between employer and employee, renter and owner and others.
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A double-blind experimental procedure would be best used to study this because the identities of the product (Aspirin and competitor equivalent brand) should be concealed. Further, using this type of study, subjective bias on the part of both
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has provided me with a basis to identify with people belonging to a certain class, on the other hand, it has eradicated the equality at all levels which has its own negative implications. My life would have been worse if I had been living in a caste-based system instead of a
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The article further explains the division of status within different positions of a particular society and even places emphasis on the factors that cause and promote inequality. The article does not refer to the status of
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Contribution of the social, cultural activities to the functionality of the system can have an easy explanation based on the nature of functionalism. Deviance, therefore, two
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Social stratification is a ranking process where people categorize themselves hierarchically using the resources that they control. Social stratification and leadership are forms of social constructs of reality. This is because societies
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