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This complex system works best in order to promote a foundation that is stable and has solidarity. Conflict theory is a social science that points out the social,…
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Structural Functional Theory & Conflict Theory
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"Structural Functional Theory & Conflict Theory"

Download file to see previous pages The main concept is how people come together and form a community aimed at being a society. It focuses on the good actions that are essential for society. Functionalists mainly aim at the balance of a social system and stability. To summarize structural functional theory; it focuses on the community as a whole, as a team that is focused on promoting stability and balance. Conflict theory, on the other hand, describes society as a group that is not closely related together. It views society as a series of groups that contending to survive (Johnson, 2008). What characterizes society in conflicts’ theory is that society is built on the opposite of structural functional theory; that society has inequality characters. It is filled with differences instead of similarities (Johnson, 2008). According to conflict theory, change is what characterizes society in that there is no specific or followed routine. There are only new developments, not to benefit the community but to separate it more.
Conflict theory explains the coming apart of a society. Conflict of class is what conflict theory teaches about. Both functionalism and conflict theory view society as a system that contains social structures, but the difference between them is that for functional theory, these social structures bring about the working together of the community to bring development (Johnson, 2008).Conflict theory, on the other hand holds the thought that these social structures do not come together to aid the community, rather those controlling the community (Johnson, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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