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Free Speech vs the Right to Be Protected Against Harmful Hate Speech In Schools - Essay Example

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Freedom of speech is fast becoming an extremely controversial affair with different proponents and critics often arguing about it. This paper seeks to establish what exactly is freedom of speech / expression, what are the different arguments promoting it and criticizing. Moreover, the papers seek to define the boundaries within which freedom of expression / speech can be contained…
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Free Speech vs the Right to Be Protected Against Harmful Hate Speech In Schools
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Extract of sample "Free Speech vs the Right to Be Protected Against Harmful Hate Speech In Schools"

Download file to see previous pages This report approves that though most of the courts in America are keen to hold that offensive speech, is not to be regulated in any public forums such as streets where the listening party if free to move on and hence avoid the speech, they are keen to ensure the regulation of such speech in the event that the speech happens to invade the privacy of one’s home or the unwilling listener cannot in any way be able to avoid the speech. Putting up racist fliers, graffiti and posters in common rooms such as bathrooms and dormitories will clearly be deemed as a contravention of these regulations. In colleges and campuses, minority students have a right to be able to move anywhere freely and should not have to be required to constantly remain in their rooms in an attempt to try and stem any racial assault on their persons.
This paper makes a conclusion that as seen from the arguments put forth in this paper, though the Freedom of Expression is seen to be a key component in the modern day democratic process, its unlimited use is seen to cause more harm than good as it creates a loophole where absolute freedom of expression can end up permitting anti- woman and often hurtful and racist messages which have been crafted with the main objective of victimizing people. With this in mind, legislation should be formed that will seek to regulate the misuse of the Freedom of Expression by persons advocating for racist tendencies and promoting anti- woman messages. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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