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In the paper “Resolving the Issues Faced by the Migrant and Domestic Workers” an attempt has been made to highlight abuse and exploitation the migrant workers face, and it is the purpose of this memorandum that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) must take note…
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Resolving the Issues Faced by the Migrant and Domestic Workers
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Download file to see previous pages The existing Kafala (sponsorship) system fuels abuse and exploitation of the migrant workers in the country. Under the Kafala system, the migrant workers are tied by the employer’s consent and wish; the employer assumes an authority to hire migrant workers and to grant permissions to workers to enter, transfer, or leave Saudi Arabia. The existing conditions of the Kafala system extend substantial power over the worker.
According to the statistics department of Saudi Arabia, over 8 million migrant workers work in the country (Ghafoor). Aggregately, this figure is one-third of Saudi Arabia’ total population. The migrants mainly come from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines. They offer their services in the sectors such as health, domestic service, construction, and other business sectors.
Human Rights Watch report maintains that actual statistics of domestic workers considerably vary in the country. The report highlights that such data are not publically available and consequently it becomes very challenging to rely on the provided statistics and, at the same time, search out the registered workers as well. Furthermore, the report highlights that the employers remain less inclined to obtain a national identity card, known as iqama, for migrant domestic workers. However, the reports clearly indicate that approximately 30,000 to 40,000 migrant workers come every month in the kingdom through different recruitment agents and employers living in the country.
Migrant workers face a numerous and wide range of abuses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They face issues such as violations of movement freedom, deception during the recruitment process, labor exploitation, and sexual and physical abuse. The Human Rights Watch report includes interviews of many girls and women, domestic workers, who are clearly facing the problems tantamount to trafficking, forced labor, slavery-like conditions, and slavery. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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